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Review from Sheri Harvey, Comfort Keepers

"I was nervous using someone from Craigslist but he was so honest, quick and really good. His experience kept me from making a big color mistake too! We will definitely call Peter for any of our future painting needs.Thank you Peter. We appreciate your work." 
(Sheri Harvey, Comfort Keepers).

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Steps in Our Works

  • 1. Concept
  • 2. PREPARE
  • 3. RETOUCH


    Interior Painting

    • 1 Bedroom 10ft x 12ft: Wall and baseboard, ceiling under 10ft$400
    • Closet: $150 and Ceiling$150
    • Door and door jamb$160
    • Bathroom $250
    • Accent Walls: $120extra
    • Living Room: $450-550
    • Dining Room and Kitchen Area:$300-$450
    • Materials: $200-300 (Depends on project)
    • Please call for quote if ceiling greater than 12ft, cabinet refinish, decorative walls

    Exterior Painting

    • Exterior Soffit and Facia: Repaint, Minor Repaint, 1000 sqft: $1500;
    • Exterior Soffit and Facia: Repaint, Minor Repaint, 2000 sqft: $2500;
    • Stucco Paint: Repaint, Minor Repaint of 1000 sft $1800
    • Stucco Paint: Repaint, Minor Repaint of 2000 sft $2800
    • Door, Door Jamb, Patio and Deek Please call for Quote
    • This quote is for single story building.
    • Please call for two story home, fence staining or restaining
    • This is the cost of labor and tools, Customer buy paint
    • Methodology: Using Sprayer, roller and Brush